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Investment Consulting
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Asset allocation
  • Portfolio performance analysis
  • Assessment of the impacts of costs
  • Impact of taxes on portfolio
Advanced Planning
  • Wealth Enhancement – tax mitigation and cash flow planning
  • Wealth Transfer – transferring wealth effectively between family generations
  • Wealth Protection – risk mitigation through legal structures and insurance
  • Charitable Giving – maximizing the impact to charities as well as tax benefits
Relationship Management

We manage not only the ongoing planning and progress assessment with clients but also collaborate with a network of professionals and specialists to deliver tailored solutions and ideas to clients.

Special Needs Planning

Families with special needs have unique financial circumstances that are often overlooked by financial advisors. Our Advisors have been certified by the American College with specialized and exclusive training to address these unique needs and situations.

Our team has alliances with legal and medical professionals, non-profit organizations and support groups at the community level. Working collaboratively with these entities and caregivers allows implementation of effective life care plans. An important aspect of life care planning is to structure plans that preserve government benefits while maintaining the ability to accumulate and grow assets.

Business Strategies

When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffet, their host at dinner, Gates’ mother asked everyone around the table to identify what they believed was the single most important factor in their success through life. Gates and Buffet gave the same one-word answer, “Focus.”

Working with DFG Private Client’s business strategies team allows you to do just that, put 100% focus into your business while we work on your business. Whether it’s executive level planning or explaining the retirement plan to an employee, we will help ensure you attract and retain the employees that are so valuable to your success.